Yesterday. Today. Tomorrow.

Operating in one of the main cities leading the nation in construction is so rewarding, but some of our biggest gratification comes from our partners we’ve had since day 1. On Saturday evening, Unity celebrated 90 years with Foss Home and Village, a healthcare community we have assisted with building, provide all special systems for and treat as our own family. Ranging back to 1994, when our very own President, Wayne Warner, led our team on the new construction of the village, to the remodel of the lobby with General Contractor WG Clark that Unity performed 2 years ago, to the fire alarm and nurse call systems we just upgraded last year, the relationships we hold with decades long Foss team members are the core and principles and we hold for our clients and the work we do in our community.

Pictured left to right: Brad Gehl- Special Project’s Superintendent, Tim Teachman- Foss Maintenance Director, Janessa Pingatore- Special Project’s Project Manager. All photos included are original documents of Foss, dating back to the 1920’s.